Don't Miss Sales Opportunities

You may not be aware of the opportunities your company is missing because you don’t have visibility on the potential customers that are visiting your website daily. However, there are several software tools available available to manufacturers, that can allow sales teams to see exactly what companies are visiting your website, what content they are looking at, and how much time they are spending looking through your site.

But what are these tools, what will they tell me, and how can my sales team use them? In the video below, Bull Moose Marketing will address those questions and tell you how to get them for your website.

These tools aren't the only thing that's free.

As you heard in the video, there's no charge for these tools, but the tools aren't the only thing that's free. By filling out the form on this page, Bull Moose Marketing will add these tools to your website for free as well. Once they are added, we'll also send you with videos showing how to use these software tools. It's that simple. There are no purchase obligations or strings attached. Once these software tools have been installed some of the information you will see includes:

  • The company's name, industry, and location
  • The company's website and social media profiles including LinkedIn
  • Date of their first visit as well as date of their last visit
  • The number of times they've visited and the pages visited
  • The number of people from that company who have visited your website
That and other details that will help you gauge a potential customer's interest in your company so you can start prospecting them for a sales opportunity.

HubSpot prospecting tool for manufacturers sales teams

Above: Screen shot from HubSpot's Prospecting feature shows site visitors and their activity on your website

Use the form to have these tools installed for free!